Competency: Innovation

Job Skills
Administrative Skill
Decision Making
Problem Solving
Time Management
Change Management
Juggling Multiple Responsibilities
Results Oriented
Commitment To Result
Technology Use/Management
Managing Risk


  • Suggests new ideas at meetings.
  • Builds upon the ideas and solutions of others.
  • Creates new and imaginative approaches to work-related issues.
  • Effective in bringing up new ideas.
  • Generates innovative and practical ideas and approaches.
  • Facilitates acceptance of new ideas.
  • Improves on ideas of others.
  • Is open to innovative ideas.
  • Seeks new ideas and adapts to changing environments.

  • Creates improved methods or solutions for meeting goals and objectives.
  • Creates innovative methods of developing business opportunities.
  • Develops effective solutions for viewing problems from a different point of view.
  • Develops several approaches or solutions to a problem.
  • Offers innovative solutions to Company problems.
  • Maximizes the alternative solutions to problems.
  • Generates innovative and practical solutions.
  • Generates alternative solutions to problems and challenges.
  • Identifies fresh approaches to solving problems.
  • Creates innovative solutions to critical problems facing the Company.
  • Is able to think through complex problems using unique solutions.
  • Solves problems with insight and understanding.
  • Uses unconventional approaches to solve problems.
  • Offers solutions to problems when talking with clients.

  • Analyzes current procedures and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • Challenges current procedures to develop other alternatives.
  • Creates new and efficient processes.
  • Suggests ways to improve processes and systems.
  • Looks for new ways of doing things.
  • Fosters continuous improvement processes.
  • Pursues innovative approaches to the current policies and procedures.
  • Creates new ways of doing routine tasks.
  • Challenges existing work processes/products to enhance value.
  • Challenges current procedures / processes to develop new solutions.

  • Offers constructive improvements to existing systems.
  • Establishes systems of continuous improvement.
  • Improves and makes systems more efficient.
  • Creates new programs and systems.

  • Creates new products or services.
  • Develops new products and services.
  • Creates innovative products or services.
  • Develops innovating products or services.
  • Focuses on creating new value for our products/services.

Risk Taking
  • Fosters a creative and innovative work environment.
  • Takes risks that often yield rewards.
  • Takes risks to reach beyond boundaries.
  • Takes risks to advance important ideas.

Challenges Assumptions
  • Challenges assumptions about the way things work.
  • Not afraid to think outside the box when dealing with issues.
  • Encourages others to experiment and learn from their mistakes without fear of retribution.
  • Seeks innovative ways to change, grow, and improve the department.
  • Seeks innovative ways to change, grow, and improve the company.