Overview for 360-Degree Feedback Systems

Thank you for viewing the on-line demo of 360 Feedback systems. This demo contains a few screens and sample email messages to give you an idea of the type of information that is utilized in an on-line 360 Feedback system. This demo is interactive. So, feel free to click on the buttons and links presented to give you an idea of the flow of information through the system.

Please note that we customize content and administrative procedures for each survey project we administer.


Our systems are primarily driven by email notifications sent to the participants and administrators of the system. Email messages are configured for your project to contain the instructions and links necessary to administer the survey. Messages are sent periodically during the data collection period. Please note that we have complete control over the criteria used to send messages.

Email messages can be sent:

For self-administered systems, Email messages can be sent to:
Email messages can contain:

Administrative Procedures

Feedback systems can be configured for a variety of administrative procedures. For examples:

Screens and Email Messages

Several main types of email notices and administrative screens are included in an on-line demo which you can access below (or using the "Admin Screens" menu in the margin on the left). As mentioned above, each system is custom designed for the client. Please don't view these screens as somehow indicative of a limited system.