Management - 360 Degree Feedback Survey Sample #8

Questionnaires Measuring Management:
Survey 1 (4-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 2 (4-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 3 (5-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 4 (5-point scale; radio buttons)
Survey 5 (4-point scale; words)
Survey 6 (4-point scale; words)
Survey 7 (5-point scale; competency comments; N/A)
Survey 8 (3-point scale; Agree/Disagree words; N/A)
Survey 9 (3-point scale; Strength/Development; N/A)

You have been selected to provide feedback for the manager listed above. Your feedback is an important part of 's leadership development process. This tool is intended to gather broad feedback in the core competencies and role responsibilities that are important for the on-going success of our organization.

In responding to the assessment form, please think about your experiences working with this individual during the last six to twelve months. Your responses will be merged with other people's feedback and presented to to guide them in their on-going development. Comments will be shared anonymously, as written, with the manager.

Method of use: As part of the review process, managers will receive feedback from peers and staff. It is recognized that not all participants will be able to assess an individual's performance in all areas. The feedback received will be utilized as input to the manager's performance and on-going development plan.

You may sign out at any time by pressing the Save button at the end of the form and then closing your browser. You may return later to pick up where you left off. When you are done, press the Complete button.

When clicking your selection below, try to best fit the manager's actual behaviors to the scale provided.

If you are not sure, or unable to assess, select "Not Applicable" (N/A) option.

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Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Is ready to offer help
  1. Delegate tasks effectively
  1. Sets an example for others to follow
  1. Takes responsibility for things that go wrong
  1. Keep staff informed about what is happening in the company


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Analyze what occurred and re-adjusts accordingly when goals are not met.
  1. Reflects on what is working and what could be improved.
  1. Holds employees accountable for their quality of work.
  1. Encourages others to produce the highest quality work products.
  1. Encourages others to achieve high quality standards.


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Actively seeks feedback from others.
  1. Accepts the views of others.
  1. Looks to others for input.
  1. Seeks feedback to enhance performance.
  1. Is easy to approach with ideas and opinions.


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Treats all people fairly and with respect.
  1. Builds open and trusting relationships.
  1. Visibly supports and encourages diversity in style and background.
  1. Works to eliminate unnecessary work or barriers that get in others' way.
  1. Shows by their actions that they trust in the positive intentions of others.

Cultural Awareness

Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Values the opinions of diverse groups and individual.
  1. Recognizes and values individual and cultural differences.
  1. Maintains an inclusive work environment that maximizes the talents of others in achieving goals.
  1. Seeks out different viewpoints and benefits from different perspectives.
  1. Shows respect in daily interactions

Results Oriented

Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Directs team in prioritizing daily work activities
  1. Explains the "whys" behind organizational objectives
  1. Provides clear expectations for employees.
  1. Does not become distracted by non-issues or interruptions.
  1. Demonstrates the personal confidence to "stay the course," even when faced with difficulty


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Maintains clarity in goals and objectives.
  1. Communicates ideas and facts clearly and effectively in writing.
  1. Attends to the important details of a job or task.
  1. Makes sure goals and objectives are clearly and thoroughly explained and understood.
  1. Avoids creating ambiguity or mixed messages.

Customer Focus

Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Maintains positive customer relationships.
  1. Asks questions and listens carefully to determine customer needs and to ensure that the customer's needs are met.
  1. Develops good rapport and trust with the customer.
  1. Develops strong customer relationships.
  1. Considers customers point of view when making decisions.


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Recognizes team members who offer a significant contribution to a project.
  1. Lets employees know when they have done well
  1. Finds opportunities to recognize others.
  1. Recognizes the abilities and skills of self and others
  1. Offers recognition in a timely manner.

Business Acumen

Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Exhibits behavior that is consistent with the vision, mission, and core values of the organization
  1. Understands complex issues and problems.
  1. Effectively develops and uses resources (people, time, money, supplies, equipment, and space) to improve organizational performance
  1. Applies the knowledge of work processes to influence the achievement of business goals
  1. Able to align resources to meet the business needs of the company.

Fiscal Management

Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Ensures others follow the correct rules and regulations on fiscal matters.
  1. Effectively manages appropriations, reporting, purchases, expenditures, payrolls, and staff.
  1. Provides budgeting and accounting support to the Company.
  1. Keeps excellent records for financial transparency.
  1. Monitors expenses and verifies the need for items purchased.


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Persuades others to follow the Company's vision.
  1. Behaves in a way that is consistent with business values & code of conduct
  1. Works to support the strategy of [Company]
  1. Clearly articulates a vision for his/her work and inspires others to support it
  1. Demonstrates consistency between words and actions

  1. Overall, please rate the effectiveness of .

  2. Strengths

  3. Areas for Development

  4. Please give any final comments or suggestions for 's assessment.