Analytical Skills - 360 Degree Feedback Survey Sample #9

Questionnaires Measuring Analytical Skills:
Survey 1 (4-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 2 (4-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 3 (5-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 4 (5-point scale; radio buttons)
Survey 5 (4-point scale; words)
Survey 6 (4-point scale; words)
Survey 7 (5-point scale; competency comments; N/A)
Survey 8 (3-point scale; Agree/Disagree words; N/A)
Survey 9 (3-point scale; Strength/Development; N/A)

Thank you for providing feedback for the recipient above. As you respond, please draw on your first-hand experience with this individual in the past 12 months. Rate each item using the scale shown. If you don't feel you have enough first-hand information to rate a certain item, please choose the Not Applicable option. Comments can be very helpful; at a minimum where you give a particularly high or low rating, please share your reasons in the comment section for that competency. Your responses will be compiled with feedback from others and presented to the recipient to help guide their ongoing development.

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Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Can effectively interpret and analyze data.
  1. Actively seeks constructive feedback from others.
  1. Analyzes data and information from several sources and arrives at logical conclusions.
  1. Asks the "right" questions to size up or evaluate situations.
  1. Uses appropriate techniques to solve problems.


Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Achieves goals.
  1. Sets high expectations and goals; encourages others to support the organization.
  1. Conducts timely follow-up; keeps others informed on a need to know basis.
  1. Makes sure that team members have a clear idea of our group's goals.
  1. Understands & contributes to development of strategic goals.

Technology Use/Management

Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Applies complex rules and regulations to maintain optimal system performance.
  1. Supports employee training and development initiatives regarding implementation of technology.
  1. Supports technical training and development of employees.
  1. Adopts the implementation of new technology into the workplace.
  1. Uses technology in decision making and problem solving.


Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Is aware of problems or issues that may affect the organization.
  1. Creates a consistent process for prioritizing work.
  1. Defines roles, rights, and responsibilities of the team.
  1. Takes responsibility for results.
  1. Implements and facilitates controls and processes that maintain the integrity of the organization.


Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Demonstrates sincerity in actions with others.
  1. Does what was promised.
  1. Establishes relationships of trust, honesty, fairness, and integrity.
  1. Fosters a high standard of ethics and integrity.
  1. Fosters an environment built upon trust.

Professional Development

Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Seeks opportunities for professional development.
  1. Demonstrate enthusiasm and a willingness to learn new skills and knowledge
  1. Contributing fully to the extent of their skills
  1. Seeks opportunities for continuous learning.
  1. Keep themselves up-to-date of technical/professional issues

Emotional Intelligence

Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Is able to manage their own emotions.
  1. Able to understand others' points of view.
  1. Helps to make decisions and solve problems using knowledge about how others will react in certain situations.
  1. Accurately perceives the emotional reactions of others.
  1. Helps employees to resolve conflicts, communicate clearly, and work together to solve problems.

Project Management

Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Responds quickly and appropriately to unforeseen problems.
  1. Organizes work and sets priorities as needed.
  1. Inspires others to accomplish goals and objectives.
  1. Organizes, plans, and directs resources to accomplish the goals and objectives.
  1. Works with customers and clients to assess their needs and define project parameters.


Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Supports our company's safety programs.
  1. Develops a culture of safety.
  1. Encourages others to work safely.
  1. Identifies and addresses safety needs.
  1. Participates in safety training when offered.


Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Supports and encourages relationships that are created by diverse team members.
  1. Creates the conditions for partnerships to grow and develop.
  1. Promotes the understanding of how the department affects the organization overall.
  1. Supports a partnering/networking culture.
  1. Capitalizes on partnerships and networks to enhance the Company's bottom line.

Strategic Focus

Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Communicates goals and objectives to employees.
  1. Creates plans to develop and promote organizational and area strengths, as well as to address weaknesses.
  1. Monitors performance of each market within the Area, utilizing reports to ensure sales growth, cost management, and profitability targets are met.
  1. Looks for opportunities to enhance contributions to the bottom line.
  1. Able to decline a poor strategy by proposing alternate strategies.


Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Understands the "basics" as to how [Company] functions/operates.
  1. Impresses upon others the important aspects of [Company].
  1. Attends [Company] gatherings and social events.
  1. Follows existing procedures and processes.
  1. Understands how decisions impact other business units beyond their immediate department of work group.

  1. Overall, please rate the effectiveness of .

  2. Strengths

  3. Areas for Development

  4. Please give any final comments or suggestions for 's assessment.