Partnering/Networking- 360 Degree Feedback Survey Sample #8

Questionnaires Measuring Partnering/Networking:
Survey 1 (4-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 2 (4-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 3 (5-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 4 (5-point scale; radio buttons)
Survey 5 (4-point scale; words)
Survey 6 (4-point scale; words)
Survey 7 (5-point scale; competency comments; N/A)
Survey 8 (3-point scale; Agree/Disagree words; N/A)
Survey 9 (3-point scale; Strength/Development; N/A)
Survey 10 (Comment boxes only)
Survey 11 (Single rating per competency)
Survey 12 (Slide-bar scale)

You have been selected to provide feedback for the manager listed above. Your feedback is an important part of 's leadership development process. This tool is intended to gather broad feedback in the core competencies and role responsibilities that are important for the on-going success of our organization.

In responding to the assessment form, please think about your experiences working with this individual during the last six to twelve months. Your responses will be merged with other people's feedback and presented to to guide them in their on-going development. Comments will be shared anonymously, as written, with the manager.

Sample Result Document:
Sample Results
Method of use: As part of the review process, managers will receive feedback from peers and staff. It is recognized that not all participants will be able to assess an individual's performance in all areas. The feedback received will be utilized as input to the manager's performance and on-going development plan.

You may sign out at any time by pressing the Save button at the end of the form and then closing your browser. You may return later to pick up where you left off. When you are done, press the Complete button.

When clicking your selection below, try to best fit the manager's actual behaviors to the scale provided.

If you are not sure, or unable to assess, select "Not Applicable" (N/A) option.

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Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Capitalizes on partnerships and networks to enhance the Company's bottom line.
  1. Creates value within the Company by building networks.
  1. Promotes the understanding of how the department affects the organization overall.
  1. Builds alliances between departments and teams.
  1. Seeks an understanding of diverse functions within the Company.


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Is someone you can trust.
  1. Defines roles, rights, and responsibilities of the team.
  1. Defines roles, rights, and responsibilities of employees.
  1. Can be counted on to do what they say they are going to do.
  1. Acts like an owner when they make decisions.


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Actively seeks feedback from others.
  1. Shares past experiences with others as learning opportunities.
  1. Is easy to approach with ideas and opinions.
  1. Open to the suggestions of others.
  1. Is visible and approachable.

Emotional Intelligence

Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Is able to control their own emotions.
  1. Helps to make decisions and solve problems using knowledge about how others will react in certain situations.
  1. Helps employees to resolve conflicts, communicate clearly, and work together to solve problems.
  1. Is able to express themselves clearly.
  1. Able to understand others' points of view.

Project Management

Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Regularly reviews project performance and goals.
  1. Responds quickly and appropriately to unforeseen problems.
  1. Develops action items, workplans, timelines, and criteria for projects.
  1. Maintains costs and expenses within budget limits.
  1. Develops performance measures for various aspects of the project.


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Works effectively in the department.
  1. ...Produce Quality
  1. Listens and responds to issues and problems
  1. Effective in performing his/her job.
  1. Able to organize work.


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Suggests new ideas at meetings.
  1. Finds creative ways to get things done with limited resources.
  1. Creates a safe environment for idea-sharing.
  1. Analyzes current procedures and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  1. Takes risks to advance important ideas.


Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Demonstrates improvement in performance.
  1. Takes calculated risks.
  1. Is results oriented.
  1. Accepts setbacks and challenges as improvement opportunities
  1. Is flexible in adjusting priorities to meet the demands of changing situations.

Strategic Insight

Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Analyzes records and reports to obtain insight into potential issues and trends.
  1. Identifies potential problems before they become critical incidents.
  1. Anticipates business cycles and trends and makes adjustments in a timely manner.
  1. Maintains knowledge of current trends in the industry.
  1. Communicates vision for the department and company.

Organizational Fluency

Agree Unsure Disagree N/A
  1. Effective in communicating with others within the organization.
  1. Understands the current organizational culture.
  1. Anticipates problems that may affect the department.
  1. Understands departmental policies and procedures.
  1. Adept at navigating within the culture of the department.

  1. Overall, please rate the effectiveness of [Participant Name Here].

  2. Strengths

  3. Areas for Development

  4. Please give any final comments or suggestions for [Participant Name Here]'s assessment.