Planning- 360 Degree Feedback Survey Sample #9

360 Feedback Survey

Assessments Measuring Planning:
Survey 1 (4-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 2 (4-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 3 (5-point scale; Competency Comments)
Survey 4 (5-point scale; radio buttons)
Survey 5 (4-point scale; words)
Survey 6 (4-point scale; words)
Survey 7 (5-point scale; competency comments; N/A)
Survey 8 (3-point scale; Agree/Disagree words; N/A)
Survey 9 (3-point scale; Strength/Development; N/A)
Survey 10 (Comment boxes only)
Survey 11 (Single rating per competency)
Survey 12 (Slide-bar scale)

Thank you for providing feedback for the recipient above. As you respond, please draw on your first-hand experience with this individual in the past 12 months. Rate each item using the scale shown. If you don't feel you have enough first-hand information to rate a certain item, please choose the Not Applicable option. Comments can be very helpful; at a minimum where you give a particularly high or low rating, please share your reasons in the comment section for that competency. Your responses will be compiled with feedback from others and presented to the recipient to help guide their ongoing development.

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Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Able to look ahead (beyond the present) when addressing the work/needs of the department.
  1. Delegates role to team members to accomplish goals.
  1. Anticipates obstacles and ways to overcome them.
  1. Makes plans and follows through.
  1. Anticipates potential challenges, develops plan to overcome them and then carries out the plan.


Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Finds unique ways to go around barriers to success.
  1. Exhibits determination and passion in completion of goals.
  1. Able to adapt the department to changing business demands and climate.
  1. Encourages dynamic growth opportunities.
  1. Encourages risk taking for developing potential business opportunities.


Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Is creative and inspirational.
  1. Is creative.
  1. Inspires creativity in their team.
  1. Creates a lot of new ideas.
  1. Develops solutions to challenging problems.


Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Takes ownership and accountability for results
  1. Demonstrates leadership and courage in critical situations.
  1. Acts decisively in implementing decisions.
  1. Highly effective supervisor.
  1. Clearly explains performance expectations and goals to be reached at the beginning of a project, then let's others decide how to achieve the goal.


Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Effectively organizes resources and plans
  1. Shown significant improvement in job performance.
  1. Listens and responds to issues and problems
  1. Works well in this position.
  1. Able to organize work.

Developing Others

Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Tries to ensure employees are ready to move to the next level.
  1. Encourages employees through recognition of positive changes in behavior.
  1. Provides constructive feedback to others.
  1. Creates opportunities for professional development.
  1. Assigns tasks and responsibilities to develop skills of others.

Conflict Management

Definite Strength Meets Standards Needs Development N/A
  1. Clearly expresses expectations to others.
  1. Discusses conflict situations with supervisor.
  1. Identifies and takes steps to prevent potential confrontations.
  1. Deals effectively with employee grievances.
  1. Assists team members by helping them see the other point of view.

  1. Overall, please rate the effectiveness of [Participant Name Here].

  2. Strengths

  3. Areas for Development

  4. Please give any final comments or suggestions for [Participant Name Here]'s assessment.