Pride/Loyalty - Employee Opinion Survey Sample #3

Surveys Measuring Pride/Loyalty:
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Dear Employee:

Welcome to the Employee Satisfaction Survey. We are on a journey to create a workplace that encourages success! A critical component of creating this culture is building a business you recognize as being a great place to work and one that provides you with challenge and recognition. We want to build a thriving and successful business that provides motivation and satisfaction. In order to do so we need to assess how we are doing and understand your thoughts, views and feelings.

We have developed this survey with questions tailored for our staff and business to provide you with an opportunity to anonymously rate many facets of the business. The survey will assess what you value most in your employment and allow you to make positive suggestions for improvement.

The survey is web-based, quick and simple to complete which allows fast reporting and analysis. To ensure your anonymity, the survey is being hosted by an external organization. You will not be required to identify yourself. We want to be very clear that we will not be able to attribute this data to any specific individual and it is not our intention to do so.

We encourage everyone to complete the survey. Please be honest, constructive and thoughtful in your input. The survey is designed to help us understand more about your thoughts and needs to make a great company.

The results of this survey will be used to help drive our future success. We will report back to you about what you have said and what we plan to do about it. If you have any questions about the process please contact [Contact Person].

Please ensure that your submission is made between and . The survey will only be available during these dates.

Thank you for your participation in the survey. We look forward to seeing the analysis of your responses and we are hoping for 100% participation.

Management Team


Agree Disagree Strongly
  1. The Company is a good employer to work for.
  1. I feel this is a good place to work.
  1. This organization actively contributes to the community.
  1. I feel like I am able to help my department.
  1. I am glad I chose to work at this Company.


Agree Disagree Strongly
  1. The Company's image is that of a high quality Employer.
  1. Management places importance on quality work.
  1. Management supports and encourages finding ways to improve the quality of work products.
  1. My quality work instructions provide meaningful guidance on how to accurately perform my job duties.
  1. Managers try to prevent production problems before they occur


Agree Disagree Strongly
  1. Managers are skilled and trained in the various systems to help employees when needed
  1. The Company has an excellent employee hiring and selection system
  1. Continuity of leadership is achieved through effective succession planning
  1. The Quality Management system in place helps us achieve compliance with ISO 9001 and other models for quality systems
  1. Training is implemented as a coordinated part of an overall system of employee development


Agree Disagree Strongly
  1. We have received adequate training on the proper use of heavy equipment.
  1. I am provided with tools and equipment that are up-to-date
  1. The tools I have are safe and easy to use
  1. My Supervisor knows how to use the equipment given to us
  1. Our department has the right equipment for the job.


Agree Disagree Strongly
  1. My co-workers are committed to the success of the Company
  1. I am fully committed to a long-term career with CompanyName.
  1. I would recommend working at the Company to my friends
  1. Employees are committed to improving quality of services
  1. I would recommend the Company as a great place to work


Agree Disagree Strongly
  1. Leaders are open to feedback from multiple perspectives
  1. I feel confident in the Company leadership
  1. The Leadership fosters organizational commitment, team spirit, and pride in working for the Company
  1. Leadership at the Company encourages initiative and risk taking
  1. Leadership is able to implement ideas and suggestions.


Agree Disagree Strongly
  1. CompanyName is an ethical company.
  1. This company is innovative in developing new ways to serve our customers.
  1. CompanyName has the right people in the right places.
  1. Morale at CompanyName is high.
  1. The work policies are well developed and organized.


Agree Disagree Strongly
  1. The Company effectively recruits employees with a global perspective
  1. Cultural differences are easily overcome
  1. The Company is effective in marketing and distributing its products globally
  1. The Company is aware of market factors that affect us at a global level
  1. The Company is effective in focusing on the Global marketplace


Agree Disagree Strongly
  1. I believe rewards are given fairly where I work.
  1. CompanyName is committed to ensuring equal opportunity for all employees.
  1. Favoritism is not a problem in my department.
  1. Employees are treated with respect regardless of their positions/jobs.


Agree Disagree Strongly
  1. Everyone has a chance to be recognized.
  1. My Supervisor praises me for a job well done
  1. My supervisor values and appreciates my contributions.
  1. The rewards and recognition I receive are attractive and competitive
  1. I am rewarded for exceeding my goals

  1. What changes would you like to see in your benefit plans? Please note that some of these may increase premium rates. Please check all that apply.
    Add a higher deductible plan ($1,000 - $2,500)
    Increase vision care
    Increase dental care
    Add wellness program (weight loss, nutrition, smoking cessation programs, etc.)
    Add a Medical Spending Account (MSA) (allows employees to enroll in a high deductible health plan,
    and then and the employee contribute on a pre-tax basis to an account used for eligible medical expenses)

  2. What changes would you be willing to accept in order to help hold down premium increases? Please check all that apply.
    Higher annual deductibles (the amount you pay out-of-pocket before benefits begin)
    Higher office visit co pays (the dollar amount you pay for office visits)
    Higher prescription drug co pays (the dollar amount you pay for prescription drugs)
    More network restrictions (smaller group of doctors and specialists to choose from)
    No dental coverage
    Other please specify

  3. How often would you like to participate in after hours company event?

  4. How would you rate your satisfaction with the communication between you and ?

  5. What would you change about your current job or position?

  6. Please identify factors that would improve your job performance in the coming year.

  7. When your performance was discussed with you in the past,
    how often did you receive practical suggestions for improving your work?

  8. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the company in the past year?

  9. Please give any comments or suggestions on how the company can be improved in the coming year: