Professionalism - Employee Opinion Survey Sample #11

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Dear Employee:

Welcome to the [Company] Employee Survey. Our objective is to understand and express the values which will ensure [Company] is an exceptional place to work. We are asking you to take time to respond to this survey to help us identify where we are doing well and where we have opportunities to do better.

We have developed this survey with questions tailored for our staff and business to provide you with an opportunity to anonymously rate many facets of the business. The survey will assess what you value most in your employment and allow you to make positive suggestions for improvement.

Please be honest, constructive and thoughtful in your responses. The results of this survey will be used to help drive our future success. If you have any questions about the process please contact [Contact Person].

Please ensure that your submission is made between . The survey will only be available during these dates.

Thank you for your participation in the survey. We look forward to seeing the analysis of your responses and we are hoping for 100% participation.

Management Team

Please complete the items below and press the submit button at the end of the survey. If you need multiple sessions to complete the survey, please click the "Submit" button at the end of each session to save your responses. Please feel free to skip any items that you do not wish to respond to. Keep in mind that your responses help us to become a better place to work. So, you are encouraged to respond to all items on the questionnaire.


What does Professionalism mean?
It means that ...
  • Employees pay attention to the speaker in meetings
  • Employees treat each other with courtesy and respect
  • Politics and gossip do not play a major role at the Company
  • Customers receive professional service
  • Employees in my department take their work seriously

To what extent does our company exhibit Professionalism?
Select from one of the ratings below.

Decision Making

What does Decision Making mean?
It means that ...
  • Senior Management discusses issues and ideas with employees before making major changes
  • As a team, we make decisions together
  • Employee opinions are valued
  • My team makes decisions based on data
  • Co-workers learn from their bad decisions and rarely repeat them

To what extent does our company exhibit Decision Making?
Select from one of the ratings below.


What does Safety mean?
It means that ...
  • Safety is a primary concern at the Company
  • My work environment is safe
  • I know what to do in an emergency situation
  • My Supervisor would not ask me to perform an unsafe procedure
  • Managers pay attention to workplace safety

To what extent does our company exhibit Safety?
Select from one of the ratings below.


What does Benefits mean?
It means that ...
  • The Company offers better benefits than other companies
  • I think the benefits offered by the Company meet my needs
  • I recognize my benefits are part of an employee total compensation program
  • The Company offers benefits that exceed industry standards
  • I understand the benefits that are available.

To what extent does our company exhibit Benefits?
Select from one of the ratings below.


What does Global mean?
It means that ...
  • The Company effectively recruits employees with a global perspective
  • Cultural differences are easily overcome
  • My Supervisor understands the geo-political business environment
  • The Company is aware of market factors that affect us at a global level
  • The Company is effective in focusing on the Global marketplace

To what extent does our company exhibit Global?
Select from one of the ratings below.

On a scale of Excellent to Poor, how would you rate your overall employment with [Company] and why?

Would you refer others who are seeking employment to [Company]?

Please provide explanation:

If you had an opportunity to make any change you wanted to make [Company] a better place to work, what one improvement would you make?

What changes do you see [Company] making in order to raise the standards?

I feel good about my continued employment with [Company].

If no, please provide explanation:

What do you like best about working for [Company]?

What do you like least about working for [Company]? How could it be improved?

Use the space below to enter any final comments you would like to be noted: