Adding Givers Screen for 360-Degree Feedback Systems

The screen below is a sample administrative screen (dashboard) showing the status of assessments for a list of employees. The information shown here includes instructions, list of who is being assessed and how much feedback has been collected so far. You also have the ability to add additional feedback assignments--just click the Add/Edit button next to each name.

Use the different features on this screen to see how easy it is to add/edit assignment information. You can update names, emails, relationships. You can add and remove feedback assignments.

Your Dashboard:
Adding Feedback Assignments

Prior to launch of the survey, you need to enter (or review) the assignments that will be used to collect feedback on behalf of the employees listed below. An assignment in this system is a record indicating who is receiving feedback (see names below) and who is providing assigned to provide that feedback. Your task on this screen is to enter (or review) the assignments for each of the employees below.

You may use the list below to review/add/edit/delete individual feedback assignments.
Click on the Add/Edit button (or the individual's name) see the list of people who have been assigned to provide feedback to that employee.