Emails to Survey Participants

All feedback systems will have an email notification sent to the participants. Each participant who is providing feedback with have a customized email notification containing a list of their assignments they need to complete and a due date for completion. Typically, this email notification will also contain a link to the survey questionnaire(s). If you want, we can design your feedback system with a login screen to require your participants to enter their ID and password to access the system. This is an optional component and is not an absolute requirement for all systems.

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From:360� Feedback System
Subject:360� Feedback Assessment

Message from [Name of Feedback Receiver]

Hi [Feedback Giver], I have recently decided to implement a 360� Feedback Assessment for myself as part of my professional growth and development at [Company]. As part of this process, I was hoping for your support to complete the below review. Including yourself I have selected a number of people across our business as well as external partners to complete this survey. Your feedback will be anonymous and will be a huge help to me in my career development plans.

The below link will be live through .

Thank you in advance for your time in support!

[Name of Feedback Receiver]

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Your responses will be confidential.

If you are unable to access the feedback forms by clicking on the button or link above, try to access this form by cutting and pasting the URL into the address box of your web browser.

If you have any questions about this process or cannot access the form through this email, please contact

Thank you for your assistance in this important endeavor.