Performance Management Survey Demo 3

This example questionnaire shows how comments can be an integral part of the survey. In this example, a comment box is provided for each rating made by the participant. These written comments provide valuable feedback in more detail than just a single rating.

ABC Global Performance Review

This performance appraisal form shows the high level of automation that can be accomplished with an on-line form.
Various fields have values which are calculated by the computer a the time the form is loaded. These fields can
also be automatically updated as the form is completed on-line so that you can see the changes in "real-time".
Employee: Sample Employee Last Update:
Job Title: Employee #:

The Employee accesses the form first to enter their accomplishments and self-assessment. This information is shown to the supervisor on the Performance Appraisal form.

Part I: Employee Input

Employee accomplishments worked on during this evaluation period.
Multiple successful software and upgrade installations. Multiple professional certifications. Continued training and support to the customer base. Tech 100 Manual revisions and updates. Provided inputs to the new Rad-200 software and functions. Helped improve the ISO Certification Performance Tools.

Employee improved job-related skills during this evaluation period
Learned more about challenges of determining system requirements, reaching overall consensus, and helping to mitigate performance issues and the effects of those. I have learned about the importance of physical systems testing and external independent testing of entry access points.

Employee self-assessment: greatest strengths in performance at [Company Name]
My openness and willingness to train both internal personnel and external customers on the product lines I work on.

Employee self-assessment: weakest points in performance at [Company Name]
I believe being a perfectionist could negatively affect my performance. I just want to get things done which has, in the past, had slowed me down and caused me to miss a few deadlines. I have since learned to focus on maintaining excellence in work performance while also meeting my deadlines.

Part II: 360-Degree Feedback

The results of a 360-Degree Feedback survey for this employee are included for the supervisor to review.

Professional Skills

Personal Accountability

Part III: 360-Degree Feedback Scores and Averages

(Averages not including self)

A summary of the feedback is calculated by the program and displayed for the manager to review.
The manager can make an overall rating of the employee based on the assessment information provided.

Part IV: Overall Evaluation:

By Manager:

Supervisor Comments:
I am giving him the higher "Very Good" rating, instead of a "Satisfactory" rating, due to the extra effort he has put forth in the recent months. He really dug in and continue to challenge himself. He is not only impressing the program and project leads, but also impressing his peers and raising the bar. I have encouraged him to become an expert in all aspects of work that are performed in the operations center, and focus on managing the work in that area. He is valuable and a huge asset to the company and the operations he supports. In the coming year I would like to see him grow even more as a manager.

Employee Comments:

I would like to learn more of the managerial side of the operations to better myself in the future for managerial positions.

The assessment includes an Individual Development Plan with goals entered by the employee on their self-assessment form.

Part V: Individual Development Plan

Short-term Goals

Employee (IDP) Short-Term Goals:
completing an MBA program

Long-term Goals

Employee (IDP) Long-Term Goals:
I would like to see the team be successful and maybe become a manager.

Skill Acquisition

Employee (IDP) Skill Acquisition:

Part VI: Status of the Form

Approved by Manager:


Approved by HR:


Approved by Sr Vice President:


Employee Signature:


Supervisor Signature: