Performance Management Survey Demo 2

This example questionnaire shows how comments can be an integral part of the survey. In this example, a comment box is provided for each rating made by the participant. These written comments provide valuable feedback in more detail than just a single rating.

Customizable: All forms are customized for each client. These customizations include every aspect of the form: colors, logos, fonts, data fields, numeric processes, validations, etc.

ABC Global Performance Review

This performance appraisal form shows the high level of automation that can be accomplished with an on-line form. Various fields have values which are calculated by the computer a the time the form is loaded. These fields can also be automatically updated as the form is completed on-line so that you can see the changes in "real-time".

Employee Performance Appraisal


Signature: ___________________

Date: _____________

Signature: ___________________

Date: ___________
Job Classification: Assistant Field Manager Hire Date:
Welcome to the online Performance Appraisal Form. As the supervisor, you are responsible for completing several sections of this form.

Part A: Status Recommendations

When the form is initially loaded, there is no Overall Rating. However, as you make ratings below, the Overall Rating will be calculated and shown immediately.

Crunching Numbers: Forms can contain mathematical expressions and functions to perform calculations in real-time.

Status Recommendations

If currently on Probational Status: Remove from Probationary Status
Extend Probationary Status to Date:

If on Regular Employment Status:
Continue Full-Time Status
Continue Part-Time Status
Develop Corrective Action Plan1
Continue Corrective Action Plan; to be reviewed on Date:
Reason for the above Status Recommendation:

Salary Recommendations

This section contains calculated fields which are computed automatically by the form. These values can only be changed by modifying the scores obtained by the employee (see below).

Results from 360 Feedback Survey

This section of the Performance Appraisal contains the results of a 360-Degree Feedback process which was conducted for this employee. This is just an example questionaire. The results of the 360-Degree Feedback shown below are just an example of how these results from one survey can be combined as the input to a different survey. When 360-Feedback and Performance Management are conducted for the same employee, usually the 360-Degree Feedback survey is conducted first and the results of that survey are presented to the Supervisor when they complete the Performance Appraisal form.

Your results of the 360-Degree Feedback process are shown below. Respondents were asked to make ratings for items on two competencies and to provide comments regarding your strengths and areas of development for each.

    Overall Performance Rating Sheet

    Average Score of Professional Responsibilities

    Check this box if you would like to override the computer calculated score.

    Supervisor Ratings of Job Criteria

    Overall Performance Rating
    The supervisor now must consider which of the following adjustments to make to compensation.
    Changes made here are reflected in the Salary Recommendations section at the beginning of this form.

    Midpoint of Scale Status

    Consider eligibility for Movement to Midpoint:
    Yes: If Yes, continue with this section below
    No, If no continue to next section

    Depending on your responses, the computer may show (or hide) certain elements of the form.

    Merit Pay Section

    When this form was initially loaded, the employee was eligible for Merit Pay.
    However, if the scores on Job Performance Criteria were too low, then the eligibility would change.

    Consider eligibility for Merit Pay:
    Yes: If Yes, continue with this section below
    No, If no continue to next section
    Change the scores on Job Performance Criteria to see how it affects this section.

    Experience Pay Section

    Eligible for Experience Pay:
    Yes: If Yes, continue with this section below
    No, If no continue to next section

    Performance Goals

    1. Strengths

    2. Areas for Improvement

    3. Performance Goals


    1. ADDITIONAL SUPERVISORY COMMENTS/ACCOMPLISHMENTS (i.e., community education, liaison, trainer, program development, etc.).