A new way to conduct surveys

Harnessing the power of the internet has never been easier. Now you can develop and deploy complex surveying applications without the need to install, configure, or download software. No complicated setup. The software was designed solely as a web based application.

You access the software entirely through the internet. Which means, you can access it from home, work, on-the-road, or anywhere there is an internet connection. This also means that you can work on the survey with colleagues in other states or countries.

Our survey solutions include tools for you to use in analyzing your survey results. You can even publish the results also on the web. All, without having to know HTML. Of course, if you wish, you can enter and edit HTML codes used throughout the questionnaire and results applications.

Our software includes:

  1. SSL. If you wish, your survey participants can connect to our servers through a Secure Socket Layer. This layer of security sends an encryption code with the data transmitted between client and host computers.

  2. Item bank. You can check it out here. You are never limited to these items. You can enter any question on your survey (in English or in any other language). Also, you will have technical and design support if needed to assist you with your surveying project.

  3. High speed reliable SQL servers. Your data is stored on and retrieved from Oracle SQL servers. These are the gold standard for data storage and retrieval technology.

  4. The ability to fully utilize web technology. This is so important when developing an on-line survey questionnaire. The ability to utilize all of the web tools available. From Image maps, to mouse roll-overs, to JavaScript validation routines, to graphic reporting tools to 24/7 world wide access, we can manage your survey needs using the best tools available--our people; willing to work with you to accomplish your goals.
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