Web Based

Net-Centric (24/7)

Twenty-four hours a day, Seven days a week, Fifty-two weeks a year. Your data is accessible when it is convenient for you and your survey participants.

World-wide accessiblility

You and your survey participants may access the software from any computer connected to the internet.


Today, the question is not, 'Should I conduct surveys via the Internet?,' but rather, 'How can I best take advantage of what the Internet has to offer?' The challenge today is to harness the power of the Internet to make online surveying work best for you.

You are always using the Latest Version

The software resides on our web servers. When you access the software through the web you are allways accessing the most recent version.

Lower-cost of survey administration

One of the most compelling features of an Internet-based survey is its instant and near-zero cost of deployment. The survey applications can be accessed instantly worldwide, which significantly speeds the time it takes for the to survey to reach the participants. Accessed from a Web browser, these applications eliminate the time and cost typically associated with traditional survey questionnaires. The Internet offers additional advantages over diskette based survey administration in that file downloads are not required and Internet browsers are supported on many different computer platforms.

Streamlined data entry processes

Significant benefits are gained from distributed data entry. Survey participants have traditionally participated in a survey by completing a printed survey questionnaire. Using the Internet for administration of the questionnaire, you are able to decentralize the data entry to the survey participants. These self-service applications significantly reduce the administrative overhead associated with collection and distribution of paper-based forms and information, data entry and data error, and lead to a higher level of data accuracy.