Forced Distribution of Responses: Survey Example

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a participant will rate all items as extremely high or extremely low. This type of rating could be a form of "Rater Bias".

This is an example of how a questionnaire form can limit the number of a specific type or class of ratings that a participant can make. In this sample questionnaire, there are 4 competencies. Within each competency, there are 5 items (statements) that must be rated using a 3-point rating scale. However, the computer will only allow 5 ratings of "Role Model" for the entire form. You can rate any of the items however you want. However, you can only rate no more than 5 items as "Role Model". The computer will also limit you to no more than 5 "Developing" ratings. Try it. Try to select more than 5 of the "Role Model" or "Developing" ratings. As soon as you select 5, you will be prevented from selecting more. This is all automatic.

In the form below, you need to select a combination of ratings (some high and some low). You cannot select the highest rating or the lowest rating for all of the items.

Please review the following statements. Indicate whether you are demonstrating this strongly (a positive influence and valued mentor for others) or if this is an area you are developing (not demonstrated often but has the potential for improvement). Please note that you will be limited in how many items you can select for "Role Model" and for "Developing". Read the instructions for each section carefully.

Instructions: The 20 statements below are the competencies for our organization.
Select five (5) from each column below. That means, select 5 items that
you "Role Model" and 5 items that you are "Developing".