HR Audit Survey Demo 2

This is a Human Resources survey questionnaire used to measure the opinions and perceptions that employees have about the HR department. This information is useful for helping to guide development activities within the HR department.

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This shows a unique multi-column format for an HR Audit Survey. Items are grouped by dimension with a set of follow up items at the end of each section.

Dear Employee:


As an employee of [your company], you have the opportunity to lead the way in defining and enhancing our Human Resources Department by providing your honest, open, and confidential opinions about the quality of our services.

We are seeking your feedback on a variety of HR processes and documents. We would like you to rate our department on responsiveness, timeliness, expertise, and clarity using the definitions below. Please indicate your job level:


How often do you contact HR for assistance?

  1. HR efficiently communicates changes in policies and procedures
  1. HR responds to my questions and inquires in a timely manner
  1. When I contact HR, my first contact person answers my questions or finds the answer for me
  1. I know whom to contact for specific HR questions
  1. It would be beneficial to have a complete contact list of the HR staff and their area of expertise
  1. I am confident that all issues discussed with HR are kept confidential
  1. HR is readily available to all customers
  1. The HR department is focused on meeting the needs of their internal & external customers
  1. HR has a clear understanding of their customers needs
  1. The HR department works well as a team
  1. If a situation or question arises that I as a manger cannot answer I�m confident that the HR department will be able to assist
  1. HR is easy department to work with
  1. HR provides seamless service
  1. I am satisfied with the length of time it takes to fill open positions
  1. I understand the efforts that go into the recruitment of new hires
  1. HR does a good job of providing a high quality of new hires
  1. We have the right number of people in our organization
  1. We are understaffed in areas
  1. As an organization we attract and hire the very best people
  1. We hire people with the competencies and skills needed to be high performers
  1. [Company] is an employer of choice
  1. HR procedures necessary to do my job often involve unnecessary steps
  1. There is too much paperwork involved in HR procedures
  1. HR policies and procedures help the [Company] achieve success in the marketplace
  1. HR continually improves its programs
  1. The HR department is able to rapidly initiate programs
  1. HR reviews and drops programs that are ineffective
  1. The HR department reinforces the [Company] culture and standards of performance
  1. I feel that HR decisions/counsel are not biased in favor of any one group
  1. Personnel procedures effective handle a variety of employee situations and needs
  1. The information that I have received about employee benefits is easy to understand
  1. I feel HR provides me with the support I need when disciplining an employee
  1. HR effectively helps mangers that are having difficulties within their department
  1. I feel HR provides me with guidance to be a more effective supervisor
  1. HR makes decisions that are not biased
  1. Current procedures are effective in rewarding employees
  1. I can easily understand the information I have received about benefits
  1. I would be interested in training to help me develop my managerial skills
  1. Our [Company] is committed to improving the skills of current employees
  1. The training programs offered help me to develop
Agree Neither Disagree Strongly
Agree Neither Disagree Strongly
Agree Neither Disagree Strongly
Agree Neither Disagree Strongly
Agree Neither Disagree Strongly
How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the HR department
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Somewhat Dissatisfied
Very Dissatisfied

What are the three most significant actions HR can take to help you succeed as a manger

What should HR be doing that we are not currently doing?

What is HR doing that we should not be doing?

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