HR Audit Survey Demo 1

This is a Human Resources (HR) Audit questionnaire used to measure the opinions and perceptions that employees have about the HR department. This information is useful for helping to guide development activities within the HR department.

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This shows a unique multi-column format for an HR Audit Survey. Items are grouped by dimension with a set of follow up items at the end of each section.

Dear Employee:


As an employee of [your company], you have the opportunity to lead the way in defining and enhancing our Human Resources Department by providing your honest, open, and confidential opinions about the quality of our services.

We are seeking your feedback on a variety of HR processes and documents. We would like you to rate our department on responsiveness, timeliness, expertise, and clarity using the definitions below.

  • Responsiveness: HR Staff are responsive to customer needs and have the skills and abilities to provide quality service
  • Timeliness: HR Staff are accessible and easy to contact providing answers in a timely manner
  • Expertise: HR Staff are knowledgable and experienced
  • Clarity: Information received from staff is clear and accurate

Please rate each of the following HR processes and documents on the dimensions of responsiveness, timeliness, expertise, and clarity. To enter your rating, select one of the buttons numbered 1 through 5 where 1 equals "needs improvement" and 5 equals "excels at this". Please enter a rating of 1 through 5 for each of the four dimensions.