Sample Email 08

Brief and simple

Subject:Employee Opinion Survey

TO: Managers and Supervisors

As described in the e-mail sent to you a few days ago from [CEO], [Company], is committed to delivering performance, and is pioneering a process designed to ensure that managers' HR priorities are understood and supported.

You are invited to participate in a [Named] Survey; the link below will connect you to our website and allow you to complete a short questionnaire. We would request that you complete and send the questionnaire back to us by .

We are an independent consultant. Our role is to gather this information and develop a report. The report will be sent back to [Company], and as described in the [CEO]'s e-mail, the end objective is to prioritize and agree actions between HR and the each Department.

The survey system being used for this process may e-mail reminders to you periodically during this data collection period until you complete your response.

To begin your survey, please click on the below URL address. Please reply to this email if you experience technical difficulties.

Thank you for your participation.

Please click on the link above to provide the feedback. If you are unable to access the feedback forms by clicking on this link, you can cut-and-paste the URL into your web browser.

If you have any questions about this process or cannot access the form through this email, please contact

Thank you for your assistance in this important endeavor.

[Your Name]