Sample Email 01

Brief and simple

Subject:Employee Opinion Survey

TO: [Participant Name]

Maintaining and enhancing organizational excellence is contingent on the perceptions and opinions of individuals who make it work- namely YOU. This survey, provided to all [Company] employees, is designed to garner your sense of our strengths, weaknesses and challenges.

The survey examines each employee's viewpoint on a variety of organizational topics including- organization, communication, teams, customer service, corporate values and training.

Your input will help guide actions related to improving employee satisfaction with their jobs and the overall work environment.

In order to ensure accurate and confidential data, HR-Survey will administer, collect and report on all data. Please take 30 minutes between now and to access your online survey online (click the link below).

Thanks in advance for your participation

[Your Name]

We appreciate your participation in this effort. Your feedback will be instrumental in the design of the final product. If you have any questions about the survey itself, please contact [Contact Name].

This survey is an early step towards a very positive direction for and commitment by the company.

Thank you.

[Your Name]