Sample Email 01

Brief and simple

Subject:Employee Opinion Survey

TO: [Participant Name]

The main objective of this leadership development program is to identify and develop leadership potential in [Company] and to make the path to leadership positions and ownership clear to these talented individuals.

The first phase of the process is gaining an understanding of how leadership is perceived within the company. This includes determining strengths and weaknesses as well as the challenges the company will face going forward.

The focus of the survey is to identify what people in the organization think is needed to build [Company] leadership now and in the future. The input is helpful and valuable only if you are completely honest in your assessment. Your confidential responses will be rolled up into aggregative summaries that will help us design and implement a sustainable leadership development program scheduled to begin [Begin Date].

The survey is not anything you need to prepare for, but we do encourage you to be thoughtful in your responses. We anticipate that the survey will require 30-60 minutes to complete. Please complete the survey NO LATER THAN CLOSE OF BUSINESS on . To access the survey, please go to the following URL:

We appreciate your participation in this effort. Your feedback will be instrumental in the design of the final product. If you have any questions about the survey itself, please contact [Contact Name].

This survey is an early step towards a very positive direction for and commitment by the company.

Thank you.

[Your Name]