Employee Opinion Survey Sample Results Demo 9

This shows the typical format for an Employee Opinion Survey Results document. Cover Page, Summary Page, Dimensions, Response Rates, Items

Confidential Survey Results

Results Generated by

Executive Summary

Guide to Interpreting the Tables

A brief guide to reading and interpreting the result tables.
The following pages contain several types of tables.

Response Rates Table
The first shows the number of respondents (n), average score (Avg), and number and percentage of respondents for each of the alternatives for the item. An example of this type of table is shown below. The responses to these items on the survey were assigned a numeric value that ranged from 1 to . The value of 1 was assigned to "". The value of was assigned to "". This makes it possible to calculate an "average score" for each item which is useful in comparing different items or different groups of respondents on the same item.

Level of Agreement Table
The next table shows a graphic representation of the percentages of responses. The table includes a graph that uses colors that range from green to red where green represents a high level of agreement with that item on the survey and red represents a low level of agreement with that item. Items that show a larger section of green indicate employees have a high level of agreement with that item.