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Employee Opinion
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Due to its continued commitment to the development of the organization and it's staff, in particular improving the organizational culture, elected to conduct an Employee Opinion survey.

The survey examines each employee�s viewpoint on a variety of organizational topics including organization, communication, teams, customer service, corporate values and training. The hope is to use the input to help guide actions related to improving the organizational culture.

With all of these objectives in mind realized that in order for this activity to be a success, advice and guidance needed to be sought from an external source. worked closely with to design a questionnaire that fulfilled the requirements of the organization.

The survey itself was launched in October. During this period the survey was administered to employees via a web link on a voluntary basis. Employees were allowed time during their working day to complete the survey and due to the nature of the web link were able to respond on a confidential and honest basis as handled the administration of the survey responses.

Summary of Findings

This survey measured employee satisfaction on a variety of topics and within several employee contract classifications. Satisfaction was measured using a -point scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. The survey also included several open-ended items to gather information in the form of suggestions and explanations.
  1. 72 employees were invited to complete the questionnaire. Of these employees, 69 responded to the survey. Please note however, that not every participant completed every item. Therefore, within these results you may find some items with a higher number of respondents (the 'n'-size) than other items.

    Guide to Interpreting the Tables

    The following pages contain several types of tables.

    Response Rates Table
    The first shows the number of respondents (n), average score (Avg), and number and percentage of respondents for each of the alternatives for the item. An example of this type of table is shown below. The responses to these items on the survey were assigned a numeric value that ranged from 1 to . The value of 1 was assigned to "Strongly Disagree". The value of was assigned to "Strongly Agree". This makes it possible to calculate an "average score" for each item which is useful in comparing different items or different groups of respondents on the same item.

    Level of Agreement Table
    The next table shows a graphic representation of the percentages of responses. The table includes a graph that uses colors that range from green to red where green represents a high level of satisfaction and red represents a low level of satisfaction. Items that show a larger section of green have a high level of satisfaction. The Level of Agreement score represents the percentage of participants who selected either "Agree" or "Strongly Agree".

    Analysis of Response Rates

    Scores by Dimension

Level of Agreement

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