Secure and Reliable

We have built this service to offer the best security and reliability features available today. We offer data storage services that addresses round-the-clock processing needs, with full redundancy in case of emergencies or natural disasters. Day to day backups of your data as well as software systems maintenance are automatically done for you, to protect you from data loss. To prevent customers seeing each other's sensitive data, we maintain separate databases secured by firewalls.


A firewall is a security device placed between your private network and the public Internet that moderates and documents requests for internal and external network data access.

Securing your forms

We offer several levels of security for your questionnaire forms.

Protect your data as it is being passed through the Internet

We offer Secure Socket Layers (SSL). It is an emerging standard developed by Netscape Communications to transfer information securely across the Internet. SSL will enable your browser to connect to our web site and transparently negotiate a secure communication channel. Once this connection has been made, information can be exchanged securely.


Secure and Reliable

The survey questionnaire and responses are stored in SQL databases. This provides the highest level of flexibility, functionality, reliability, and accessibility. Data is easily ported from the web to the SQL databases and back to the web as needed.

SQL is the most common standardized language used to access databases. The SQL server is a client/server system that consists of a multithreaded SQL server that supports different backends, several different client programs and administrative tools.

The Freedom to Design What You Want.

From page headers and footers to single items and matrix items, you have the power to design your survey questionnaire to meet your needs. Add text, buttons, images, boxes, instructions, lists, or bars. Items may be text, numeric, salary, radio buttons, check boxes, select lists, yes/no buttons, free text areas, data input areas, or hidden fields. You can add HTML codes and JavaScripts as well.

The survey questionnaire is constructed by adding these items. You can edit, insert, copy, or delete any item or groups of items on the questionnaire. Items may have text before (the prompt) or after (post item text). You can set line breaks so that the items appear on the form in their proper locations.

You can have questions of a variety of formats. Multiple choice items can be formatted with any set of anchors. Instructions and HTML codes can be added in any item stem or response alternative.

You can make any questionnaire item a 'required' item. The requirements may be either:

  1. definite response required (absolutely no blank response permitted), or
  2. a warning message is displayed if they leave the field blank but they are permitted to leave it blank.



Twenty-four hours a day, Seven days a week, Fifty-two weeks a year. Your data is accessible when it is convenient for you and your survey participants.

World-wide accessiblility

You and your survey participants may access the software from any computer connected to the internet.


Today, the question is not, 'Should I conduct surveys via the Internet?,' but rather, 'How can I best take advantage of what the Internet has to offer?' The challenge today is to harness the power of the Internet to make online surveying work best for you.



This sofware allows you to create surveys limited only by your imaginations. Surveys from 1 to 3000 items or more may be created with this software. However, if you are creating a survey questionnaire with more than 3000 items, you probably need to break it into smaller pieces to make it easier for participants to complete.

You are always using the Latest Version

The software resides on our web servers. When you access the software through the web you are allways accessing the most recent version.

Password Protected

Its a common phrase on the web. But what does it mean? Your survey questionnaire and access to the survey data is protected using the standard "Basic Authentication" technique for websites. This means that you will need to enter a user ID and password to access your survey questionnaire and data.


Will users be required to log into the system to complete the questionnaire?

That's up to you. You may configure your account so that participants in your survey are required to enter a user ID and password to access the questionnaire. Or, you may want the survey to be open without requiring a log-in. However, if you decide that log-ins are not required, then there will be no way for the participants to correct/update their responses once they have been submitted. If you require a log-in, then the user will log into the system to access the questionnaire for entry or edit.

On-Line Reports

Reporting Tools for Survey Administrator

On-line reporting tools allow you to access your data from anywhere on the web (provided you entered your user ID and password).

Reporting Tools for Publishing Results over the Web

On-line reporting tools allow you to access your data from anywhere on the web