Training Needs Assessment Demo 7

Training Needs Survey

This survey will help identify areas where a training program might help our organization be more effective. Please answer the following questions candidly and honestly. Your individual responses will be considered confidential. Summary data will be used by the Human Resources department as one tool to improve overall Training & Development within the Company.

Thank you for participating in the Training Needs Survey.
    Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
    1. Company Leadership Staff supports Individual Training & Development within my department.
    1. Company provides financial assistance to support my continued education.
    1. Company has provided me the opportunity to be cross trained in other positions or specific job functions outside of my home department.
    1. The quality of training received for my current position allows me to adequately perform the job functions of my position.
    1. Our performance appraisal process promotes the identification of my personal strengths and areas for improvement.
    1. Visibility and access to Senior Management is common throughout my facility.
    1. Career advancement opportunities are available within the Company.

  1. Please select your most recent participation in an instructor led training program funded by the Company.

  2. Please indicate your interest level with regard to additional training for advancement opportunities

  3. What suggestions do you have for improvement in regards to Training & Development within your department or company

  4. Are there anytraining requirements anticipated through the introduction of new systems, specialized tasks or technology in your department? Is so, please explain.

  5. In regards to leadership competencies, what areas listed below would you like to see additional training programs? (Select top three)

  6. Please identify three employee performance issues within your department.

  7. Please identify three employee performance issues outside of your department.

  8. Please specify the areas of your job in which you would like to receive further training or instruction.