Training Needs Assessment Demo 11

    Hello, and thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We ask that you devote your full attention to this, since it will shape the development of JGS managers for some time to come.

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    Each set of questions come with different instructions, so please read carefully before answering.

  1. What method of training do you feel would be most effective for your job role?

  2. What method of training do you feel would be most convenient to attend?

  3. If you have had a performance review, do you recall whether you discussed Training needs and/or Career development plans with your Manager?

  4. Which one of the topics below was considered most important for your development:

    The combinations of options shown here are randomized to control for potential response bias. Re-fresh the browser window to see a different combination of choices.

    There are 2 columns listed in the tables below. You will be choosing between skill sets listed in each column to determine which one you believe is the most applicable for that given job.

  5. Which skill is more important in the job of a Supervisor?

    Once the participant starts to respond to the survey, the options shown will be fixed for that participant and will not vary the next time they access the questionnaire.
  6. In which skill do Supervisors need more training?

  7. For which skill is a Supervisor currently more likely to be rewarded?

  8. What are the 2 most important Training needs you would identify currently for [Company] as a whole at your site?
    Please elaborate on comments such as “communication.” Communication & Leadership? Communication between which groups of people?, etc.

  9. What do you see as your department's most important training need?

  10. What other 2 key training needs should [Company] move towards improving over the next 2-3 years?

  11. Rate the following strategic issues in Training and Development from 1 (most important) to 7 (least important):
    Improved information system on training courses that are available
    Improved employee orientation
    Having a Specific corporate vision pertaining to Training & Development
    Centralized Training & Development Service
    Middle Management Development – What comes next
    Harassment Prevention
    Health & Safety
    Wellness & Worklife Balance

  12. To help us understand your continuing training/education needs, what topics listed below would you like to see training on from 1 (most important) to 9 (least important):
    Management Skills (ex. Financials)
    People Management Skills (ex. Conflict)
    Writing Performance Appraisals
    Health & Safety
    Workplace Violence
    Communication Skills
    Business Letter & Memo writing
    Computer Skills
    Workplace Ethics
    Negotiation skills
    Retirement Planning
    Business writing (e-mails, proposals, etc.)

  13. How many training classes did you attend last year?

  14. How many training classes did you attend in this year?

  15. Of the classes you attended this past year, which was your favorite?
    Please type in one specific training class.

    Why? Please add an explanation in the box below.

  16. How much time per month / per employee do you think your Manager should dedicate as a follow-up to training?

  17. If you needed training to improve your people skills, which one of the items below would you want training for:

  18. How important are the following skills to your job?

    Not Very
    Important Very
    Aligning resources to meet the business needs of [Company].
    Understanding the costs, profits, markets, and added value of the
    department and how those contribute to the success of [Company].
    Looking at the "big picture" of [Company]'s goals, rather than
    individual department's needs
    Anticipating marketplace opportunities and aligning your plans with them.

  19. Have you selected one or two possible candidates as your successor?

  20. If you have selected someone as your successor, have you provided them with a training plan to achieve your position?

  21. For a potential successor, what would be the biggest area of improvement for them in order to assume your position?
    Please type in one specific area, with as much detail as possible.

  22. How long do you think it will take for your successor to be ready to assume your position?

  23. Please choose the top 4 skills that you use most often:

  24. What is one thing in your job for which you would like more training?
    Please type in one specific area, with as much detail as possible.

  25. What would be an acceptable amount of time to have a lower level manager off the floor for training.
    Min amount of time

    Max amount of time

  26. In holding an executive level position, what do you think is the most important leadership skills to possess?
    Please type in one answer, with as much detail as possible.