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A new way to conduct surveys

Harnessing the power of the internet has never been easier. Now you can develop and deploy complex surveying applications without the need to install, configure, or download software. No complicated setup. The software was designed solely as a web based application.

Multiple Competency Assessment

You can measure different competencies based on job characteristics (e.g., Sales managers may have one set of competencies that differ from Production managers; or senior executives may have a set of competencies that differ from lower level supervisors).

Define your own competencies. Or, use ours. User authentication based on ID and password that you can define.


  1. 100% Web Based Survey Solutions (No installation)
  2. Online status reports/results in realtime
  3. Access to your data anywhere
  4. Powerful SQL Database Engine
  5. HTML, DHTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript
  6. Single Webpage or Multiple Pages
  7. Password Protected
  8. Built in Secure Socket Layer
  9. Surveys accessible worldwide
  10. Conditional Branching
  11. Configurable rating scale
  12. IDP's tied to 360 Feedback
  13. Turnkey Survey Solutions
  14. Free estimates and quotes
  15. Free Customized Demo (your website)
  16. Free Downloads of data
  17. Data downloaded into ASCII, Excel
  18. Configurable employee database


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