How the Software Works

Please note
Only a handful of clients get to access the software at this level (and usually at their request because they wish to gain experience with this software). Most clients will have the questionnaire developed for them by one of our consultants. The on-line questionnaire development is often faster and easier if we do it ourselves (with input from you).

This page was added to let you have a quick look at some of the screens our consultants use as they develop your questionnaire.

Information About the Survey Software

This software was developed to allow you to create, administer, and analyze survey data through the web. The survey and response data are stored using an SQL compliant database. The software is accessed through the Internet using your web browser.

Main Screen

The main screen uses this toolbar. The buttons on the toolbar activate menus and screens when the mouse is moved over the button. It is not necessary to click on these buttons.

The bottom of each screen will contain contact information:

Need help? Email the Webmaster
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The Survey Button

Allows you to set permissions for use of the survey including:
requiring login, permitting login, maintenance of questionnaire,
and maintenance of results.
Allows you to change survey options including:
Navigation buttons, what to do with survey responses,
body tags (HTML stuff), and other options.
Allows you to change survey options regarding validation
of data entry fields. Validating data entry fields before
the response is submitted can help keep the data clean.
Allows you to edit the text messages used in the system.
Allows you to change messages that appear in various places
in the survey. Examples include: Login Errors by the user,
survey completion, help during the survey.
Use this screen to access general information about your survey such as permissions and introductory text.
The permissions screen will appear as:
Yes No     Permit Editing of the Questionnaire
Yes No Permit Editing of the Responses
Yes No Permit Users to Create their own Accounts
Yes No Permit Login by Respondents
Yes No Questionnaire Requires Login by Respondents
Yes No Results Require Login (Default is Yes if Yes to above)
Yes No On Login, user ID's are case sensitive (default is Yes).
Yes No On Login, passwords are case sensitive (default is Yes).
Yes No Permit Quick Login (Must be associated with Feedback Login)
Yes No Require Secure Socket Layer connection (default is No)
With these options you will be able to configure your survey to require (or not) participants to log into the survey before accessing the questionnaire. You may allow (or not) participants to create their own login accounts.

The "Intro Screen" option allows you to specify the text that will appear as the introductory screen your survey participants will see once they access the survey questionnaire. You may use this screen to provide instructions, links to your site, and other helpful information.

The Options Screen

Body Tag
<BODY > You can enter parameters for the BODY tag (in HTML documents)
that will be used on your questionnaire. These parameters must be
in the standard HTML format such as:
bgcolor=#CECECE alink=#00FF00

Page Navigation
Enter the Text:
Or select from menu.
Yes No Show submit button on all pages.
Yes No Review data following submit.
Show Navigation bar: Top only Bottom only Top and Bottom Suppress
Survey Response Processing
Survey Responses will be:
Saved by
eMailed to
Sent via Internet to
The survey responses may be processed in a varity of ways. Only can change these options. Email the webmaster if you want them changed.

Data Storage
Character field buffer.
field storage for Wages/Salaries fields.
Web Reporting Options
Display averages using decimal places.
Display percentages using decimal places.
Yes No Show commas (,) in numeric fields.
Yes No Show dollar ($) sign in wage/salary fields.
Display tables using class .
Yes No Use Results Store.
Generate Results if Before (date): .

The Questionnaire Button

The elements of your questionnaire are shown in a listbox similar to the one above. Each element is given a sequential number (shown only on this menu) to assist you in identifying the elements. The type is shown next to the number. Finally, the item stem or description of the element is shown.

You may edit any item, insert into a specific location, delete an item, add to the end of the list (append), view the questionnaire and or move/copy items. This is done by selecting an item from the list then pressing the appropriate button.

Editing Items

Once you have selected an item and pressed the EDIT button, the software will show you the screen to edit that element. There are many different types of elements and each type has its own edit screen. For example, if you were editing the title of the survey, you would be shown the following form:
Enter the title text:
Show on every page:No Yes
Line Breaks:
Feel free to modify the text and other options as needed. Press the update button when you are ready. Then preview the questionnaire to see the changes.

Also, some instructions will be printed at the bottom of each edit screen.

Appending and Inserting Elements

When you append or insert an element, you will be shown a screen with one pull-down list of element types. Select the element type you want to append/insert, then the computer will show the correct edit screen. You may change the element type as often as needed.

Deleting Elements

Simply select the element from the listbox and press the delete button.

Moving or Copying Elements

To move or copy an element, you will need to access a special screen with two listboxes of elements. The listbox on the left side has the elements of your current questionnaire. The listbox on the right side has a temporary storage list for you to move items between the two lists.


Temporary Storage

Exit from Move/Copy Items program.

The buttons between the two listboxes are used to move/copy the items from one box to the other.

The "delete" and "clear all" buttons shown on this screen will delete or clear the items from the temporary storage listbox (the clipboard).

Viewing the Questionnaire

To view the survey questionnaire, click on the questionnaire button on the toolbar. The survey will appear exactly as it appears to survey participants.

Hint: To save steps in previewing the questionnaire as you are developing it, open a second browser window (using CTRL-N). Use one window to enter/edit the questionnaire elements. Use the other window to preview the questionnaire. You can toggle between the windows using ALT-TAB. If you make a change to the elements you can switch to the preview window and press CTRL-R to refresh it's contents showing the changes.

Building the Responses File

The SQL file to store the responses must be generated before responses can be stored. Simply press the 'Build' button on the 'Responses' menu. This only needs to be done once after you have completed entering items for the survey questionnaire.

Please note that, once the survey administration has started and responses have been collected, you will not be able to modify the questionnaire items without rebuilding the responses file and thereby loosing reponses that have been entered up to that point.

Make sure the questionnaire is just they way you want it before you administer it to survey participants.