An application developed by Macromedia, Shockwave is one of the premier text animation tools. Using a browser plug-in, this software allows the web developer to embed animated text within HTML pages. This is accomplished through use of the EMBED object HTML tag where the object is a Shockwave file. But in order for the text effects to become visible, the Shockwave reader software must be installed in your browser. It usually comes installed with most version 4 and above browsers (from Netscape and Microsoft).

How can you tell if the Shockwave reader is installed and running in your browser?
Easily. I can look for you.

How is Shockwave used in a survey?
It can be used to display headers, footers, announcements, and other text. It's main purpose is "eye candy" in this environment. In other words, it is pleasing to look at, but does not add to the content of the text.

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