If you want your survey participants to concentrate on just your survey, you could restrict what they can do with their browser by showing the questionnaire using the "full-screen" option contained in most browsers. The effect is to eliminate the 'Window' characteristics such as title bar, menu bar, address bar, shortcut buttons, status bar, and even the Windows' Task Bar (if running in a Windows environment). Without these other Window buttons to distract the survey participant, they are free to concentrate on just your survey.

This technique works well in an Intranet environment (i.e., if you are conducting a survey of your employees). It does create some problems in that some users may want to switch tasks during the survey (answer emails, print an important document) and may not know how to do task switching with their keyboard (the ALT-TAB) key.


  1. If you neet to switch tasks during the survey, press ALT-TAB.
  2. If you need to close the browser window, just press ALT-F4.
  3. If you want to print a screen in full-screen mode, press ALT-P.

To see a demonstration of a survey in full-screen, click below. Please note that this demo will start in a new window. Therefore the ALT-RIGHT ARROW key will not return you to this page. When you are done with the demo, just close the browser window (ALT-F4). A CLOSE button will be added to the questionnaire navigation bar to assist you.

Start Full-Screen Demo

The Full-Screen technique is accomplished by opening a new browser window using JavaScript to specify the open parameters to take advantage of the full-screen features. See below for an example:

<body text="#000000">
function fullScreen(theURL) {
  window.open(theURL, '', 'fullscreen=yes, scrollbars=auto');
<a href="javascript:void(0);"
    Start Full-Screen</a>

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