Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add my own questions to the survey?
All of our surveys are custom designed to meet your needs. We don't sell just one questionnaire or one set of core questions. We create the each questionnaire to meet your needs. This ensures that your questionnaire will be best suited for the purpose for which it is designed--to connect you with your employees.

What kind of results are available?
On-line. All results are accessed on-line. The results include text, tables, graphs, charts, statistical analyses, summaries, and lists.

Can I analyze the data by department/division?
Yes. The results may include cross tabulations, summaries by department/division, and drill-down techniques such as data filters. The department/division information may be collected as demographic variables included on your survey questionnaire.

How soon can I see the results?
All of our results are shown in real-time, on-line, through the Internet. You could access the results through a password protected account at HR-Survey. Or, if you want, we can setup the results so that they may be accessed by your employees.

Can I print the questionnaire and/or results?
Yes. Use the printing capabilities built into your web browser. These are usually menu items on the file menu. If you are viewing the questionnaire in full-screen mode and need to print a page, press CTRL-P to bring up the print dialog box.

What if employees submit more than one survey questionnaire?
Every response that we receive is marked with a time/stamp showing the date and time the response was received. In addition, each response includes the IP address as well. If your particpants must log into the survey, then their login ID is also stored. Once all the data is collected, we can go through the responses looking for multiple submissions. These data cleaning processes are used to ensure the highest data integrity.

Where is the data stored?
Data is stored on our SQL servers. You may access the data on-line through status reports or through web based result formats.

Are the responses submitted anonymously?
There are several levels of anonymity. These fall on a continuum shown below:

  1. The least anonymous level is where the survey participant must enter a user ID and password to access their questionnaire.
  2. Unique passcode - issued to each participant. The passcode that the participant receives is randomized through a process such as picking cards from a hat.
  3. Common passcode - issued to all participants prevents unauthorized access to the questionnaire but because the common passcode is shared among a group of individuals, no identification is made of any individual member.
  4. Anonymous surveys - No password or passcode is requred.

Can you send me a CD?
No. All of the software exists on the Internet and is accessible through the Internet. There is no software to install on your computer.

What is the cost?
The cost of a survey includes setup fees and usage fees. The setup fees for the questionnaire range from about $300 to $600 depending on the complexity of the questionnaire. If you are conducting a 360 Feedback process, the setup fee for the employee database is $200. The setup fee for on-line result formats ranges from about $300 to $600 depending on the complexity of the result format. The usage fee is 3 cents per item responded to. For example a 50 item questionnaire would have a usage fee of $1.50 for each complete response. The fee is less for incomplete responses. You are only charged for what you use.

Is there a per user or per workstation licence fee?
No. All costs are based on setup of the project and usage through the Internet.